Week 13

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Post turn in

Start All The Presidents Men




Start news story



Friday – Need to turn in a rough draft at the end of class on Friday/Peer Review

Turn it in to Google Classroom

Peer review
Rewrite News story and turn it in.

Step 1 – Come up with FOUR news story ideas that may make a good FEATURE story to be published December 19th
Step 2 – Do a web search and come up with THREE story ideas
Story Idea_______________________
Who will you interview(3 per story)?

Wednesday– (Work on initial draft)
Story assigned by Mr. E – questions about your story?

What are you having problems with?
What is going well?
What is the next step?
Everyone will be in a different spot in the project so please ask me questions…..

Friday –  

Work day and revisions day
-15 minutes to work on story and PRINT 2nd draft
-Peer review
-return paper and make corrections
-Turn in to Google Classroom
-Turn in your 2nd draft

New York Times VR

Feature Stories



Week 11

Storycorps (Thanksgiving assignment)


Story ideas
1 How to find story ideas – Read
2 Developing Story Ideas – Read
3 Formula for a Well written article – Read

Come up with your own idea and post as





WK11 Story ideas



Wednesday – 
Look for 5 story ideas –
Find three stories on Eugene Register Guard

Fill out story idea sheet to turn inStory Idea Sheet – handout

  • HSJ.org
    Story ideasIDEAS:Check local and daily newspapers
  • Check Internet sites of teen interest and schools
  • Check online student newspapers
  • Talk with the school’s public relations person
  • Talk with coaches, guidance counselors, secretaries and the principal
  • Talk with the principal’s advisory group or cabinet
  • Talk with student council members and the sponsor
  • Survey teachers about unusual assignments, clubs they sponsor, students in their classes who are involved in interesting activities.
  • “Beat Letters” for all clubs, organizations, teams, department heads, PTA, custodian or maintenance works, librarians.
  • Contact parent groups, such as athletic boosters or band boosters
  • Walk around the school and take note of posted fliers
  • Look at the sports calendar, district calendar and school calendar
  • Ask your friends what they would like to see in the paper
  • Survey students in the school newspaper or as a class assignment
  • Contact cafeteria workers, bus drivers, maintenance personnel, etc.
  • Watch local and national news programs for stories that might interest your audience
  • Exchange newspapers with other schools
  • Brainstorm in class
  • Seek out students, coaches, teachers, staff, alumni or clubs to profile
  • Contact the alunni group
  • Check out other media for new releases, such as CDs, movies or books
  • “Play Detective” — ask questions about things that have sparked your curiosity
  • Ask your peers to write letters to the editor, columns, editorial cartoons or to participate in “man-on-the-street” columnns
  • Check out school policies or the code of conduct
  • Attend school board meetings

3 Assignment Preparation Sheet – GC

30 minutes – work on story.

Famous leads
Writing the Lead
What to Avoid In Leads
Lead Writing Exercise

Newspaper guru

WK11 Lead – GC
Write a LEAD for the story that is handed out in class

Future of Journalism?

360 Example

Pair Interview
Writing Interviews
Write and POST your Lead from the interview

Friday-Critique one hard news story from all three site:


Week 10


Start Shattered Glass


Class read – Pennenberg Article 2014
60 minutes Interview (On DVD)

GC – Listen while answering questions
Acitivity 3 and 4

NPR Interview (2004)


Storycorps (Thanksgiving assignment)

Glass 2013
Glass 2014
Glass 2016 – *
Update on Glass – *
Update 2 – *
Glass Update 3

Glass Update 4

Glass 2017

Stephen Glass current job


sports lens


Friday –
Man Bites Dog
Wk10 critique – GC
Beaverton Bee
McMinnville News-Register

Week 9

“Zero TV” Homes?
Cable Cutting

Whats happening in media today?

Wednesday –
Hack Heaven – Read in class discuss
Post your thoughts as WK9 Hack Heaven – Google Classroom

Go over Hack Heaven story – Pennenberg article

WK9 Trustworthy – Google Classroom

Shattered Glass Activity Activity 1 – Google Classroom

Complete SG Activities……….. 10-15 minutes

Go over rankings…..
Go over SG Activity 1 and SG Activity 2

You are being interviewed by a major news publication, and you tell the reporter something that is “off the record.”
You use a slightly vulgar word to describe someone else’s recent actions. A reporter from a news department overhears what you said, and he tweets that statement to the world.
After he does, he claims he did not know that what you said was “off the record.”
Off The Record?

WK9 OTR – Answer on Google Classroom

Read 4 stories and critique 1 on both sites(2 TOTAL) – Google Classroom
Sisters, Oregon
Register Guard news

Critiques for journalism – (If you need it)


Stephen Glass Article – Interesting

Week 8

quotescover-PNG-47 (1)


Checkology – Should be midway through Module 3

Wednesday –

1-Ethical and Legal Key Terms
2-Ethics and Legal Key Terms for note taking

3-Code of Ethics
4-Code of Ethics for note taking
How the iPhone Could Save the Newspaper

  • Write a reaction to what you think will happen to the media because of the iPhone
    • What ideas does this bring to mind? Why?
    • What doesn’t seem likely? Why
    • What do you think will happen?
    • How long will it take to happen?
      Google Classroom – WK8 iPhone

Why the Newspaper Industry is Thriving…In India!




5-lawstudentpress – Classroom questions

Who Wants to Be A Journalist?

WK8 Critique – Classroom
Corvallis Gazette Times
NY Times
Willamette Collegian

Week 7

Take a Freedom Quiz

WednesdayTV Critique

Bill of Rights

WK7 Test Your Knowledge of the Freedom of the Press? -GC

3 – Ira Glass on Storytelling

4 – Convergent Media






If you question whether or not paper is still important.

Television Critique –Critique a video here
(Choose two videos news report and critique it) – GC

https://player.cnbc.com/p/gZWlPC/cnbc_global?playertype=synd&byGuid=3000637643&size=530_298’Stay Tuned’: NBC launches news show on Snapchat from CNBC.

KGW – TV Critique

6 – Yes and No Handout – GC

7 –  Why Did Thomas Jefferson Say… – GC

Week 6

Monday –

WK6 Free and Open Press
– Is it important that we have a free and open press Why/Why not?
-What would happen if we didn’t have a free and open press?
-Would it be better or worse? Why/Why not?
-Would social media be different? How?

Wednesday –
Types of quotes : Direct, Indirect and partial
Workshop 4a – Google Classroom

Piracy – ET
What it costs….
How They Make Money

Other types of piracy

Sampling 2

Copyright Videos

A Sound Really?

Another Look – 

WK6 Piracy DiscussionGoogle Classroom