Week 14

Monday –


Writing an Op/Ed (Opinion/Editorial)
Editorial to read 1
Editorial to read  2

1 Editorial

2 Easy Formula For Writing an Editorial

3 editorial – WK16 Editorial ideas post to blog

Ex. 2

Wednesday –
Editorial Assignment – Turn into Google Classroom

Write an Opinion/Editorial – 250-350 words
Make sure to back up your facts
Follow the suggested format below:

The Lead:
* Whom or what does the editorial discuss?
* When did/will the issue come to be?
* Where did/will the issue arise?
* Why did/will the issue occur?
* How is this editorial significant to the reader/society?

* What is the position of the opposition? (Who is the opposition?)
* What facts support their position?

The Body:
* What is the writer’s (your) position?
* What facts support the writer’s (your) position?
* What valid point is conceded by the writer (you) to the opposition?

* Solutions to the problem.
* Challenge to the reader to be informed and convinced.

Friday –
PRINT your editorial
Edit editorials
Turn in again – Edited Editorials – GC

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