Week 11


Story ideas
1 How to find story ideas – Read
2 Developing Story Ideas – Read
3 Formula for a Well written article – Read

Come up with your own idea and post as

WK11 Story ideas

Wednesday – 
Look for 5 story ideas –
Find three stories on Eugene Register Guard

Fill out story idea sheet to turn inStory Idea Sheet – handout

  • HSJ.org
    Story ideasIDEAS:Check local and daily newspapers
  • Check Internet sites of teen interest and schools
  • Check online student newspapers
  • Talk with the school’s public relations person
  • Talk with coaches, guidance counselors, secretaries and the principal
  • Talk with the principal’s advisory group or cabinet
  • Talk with student council members and the sponsor
  • Survey teachers about unusual assignments, clubs they sponsor, students in their classes who are involved in interesting activities.
  • “Beat Letters” for all clubs, organizations, teams, department heads, PTA, custodian or maintenance works, librarians.
  • Contact parent groups, such as athletic boosters or band boosters
  • Walk around the school and take note of posted fliers
  • Look at the sports calendar, district calendar and school calendar
  • Ask your friends what they would like to see in the paper
  • Survey students in the school newspaper or as a class assignment
  • Contact cafeteria workers, bus drivers, maintenance personnel, etc.
  • Watch local and national news programs for stories that might interest your audience
  • Exchange newspapers with other schools
  • Brainstorm in class
  • Seek out students, coaches, teachers, staff, alumni or clubs to profile
  • Contact the alunni group
  • Check out other media for new releases, such as CDs, movies or books
  • “Play Detective” — ask questions about things that have sparked your curiosity
  • Ask your peers to write letters to the editor, columns, editorial cartoons or to participate in “man-on-the-street” columnns
  • Check out school policies or the code of conduct
  • Attend school board meetings

3 Assignment Preparation Sheet – GC

30 minutes – work on story.

Famous leads
Writing the Lead
What to Avoid In Leads
Lead Writing Exercise

Newspaper guru

WK11 Lead – GC
Write a LEAD for the story that is handed out in class

Future of Journalism?

360 Example

Pair Interview
Writing Interviews
Write and POST your Lead from the interview

Friday-Critique one hard news story from all three site: