Week 9

“Zero TV” Homes?
Cable Cutting

Whats happening in media today?

Wednesday –
Hack Heaven – Read in class discuss
Post your thoughts as WK9 Hack Heaven – Google Classroom

Go over Hack Heaven story – Pennenberg article

WK9 Trustworthy – Google Classroom

Shattered Glass Activity Activity 1 – Google Classroom

Complete SG Activities……….. 10-15 minutes

Go over rankings…..
Go over SG Activity 1 and SG Activity 2

You are being interviewed by a major news publication, and you tell the reporter something that is “off the record.”
You use a slightly vulgar word to describe someone else’s recent actions. A reporter from a news department overhears what you said, and he tweets that statement to the world.
After he does, he claims he did not know that what you said was “off the record.”
Off The Record?

WK9 OTR – Answer on Google Classroom

Read Critique an article from each site (4 TOTAL) – Google Classroom
Sisters, Oregon
Register Guard news

Critiques for journalism – (If you need it)