Week 8

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1-Ethical and Legal Key Terms
2-Ethics and Legal Key Terms for note taking

3-Code of Ethics
4-Code of Ethics for note taking
How the iPhone Could Save the Newspaper

  • Write a reaction to what you think will happen to the media because of the iPhone
    • What ideas does this bring to mind? Why?
    • What doesn’t seem likely? Why
    • What do you think will happen?
    • How long will it take to happen?
      Google Classroom – WK8 iPhone

Why the Newspaper Industry is Thriving…In India!




5-lawstudentpress – Classroom questions

Who Wants to Be A Journalist?

WK8 Critique – Classroom
Corvallis Gazette Times
NY Times
Willamette Collegian

Week 7

Monday –
WK7 Web Critiques –

Wednesday – TV Critique
Bill of Rights
WK7 Test Your Knowledge of the Freedom of the Press? -GC


3 – Ira Glass on Storytelling

4 – Convergent Media


If you question whether or not paper is still important.

Television Critique –http://www.kgw.com/video
(Choose a video news report and critique it) – GC

6 – Yes and No Handout – GC

7 –  Why Did Thomas Jefferson Say… – GC

Week 6

Monday –

WK6 Free and Open Press
– Is it important that we have a free and open press Why/Why not?
-What would happen if we didn’t have a free and open press?
-Would it be better or worse? Why/Why not?
-Would social media be different? How?

Wednesday –
Types of quotes : Direct, Indirect and partial
Workshop 4a – Google Classroom

Piracy – ET
What it costs….
How They Make Money

Other types of piracy


Sampling 2

Copyright Videos

A Sound Really?

Another Look – 

WK6 Piracy DiscussionGoogle Classroom